My daughter's little poodle puppy, Jo-Jo, was killed by a car. At that time, Jo-Jo was accompanied by his companion Ruben, a Beagle mix. Laurie, my daughter, found Ruben on the street, he was a throwaway dog.

Remembering is the "bad day", the day Jo-Jo was killed, through Rubens eyes.


I don't remember much about being dumped on the street.
Jo-Jo told me about that later.
I remember my master, with the long blond hair.

I missed being taken from my mother's milk and her warm body.
The old farm road was cold and I was shaking.
I try not to think about it. There I found my master.

When I got to my new home, I met Jo-Jo.
He took me under his care and taught me everything I know.
We ran so free, in the tall grass, in the warm mud.
Time passed quickly, we explored everything.
The world was ours.
Sometime we would sleep on our master's bed.

The bad day came, the car was too fast, things I don't understand.

As I lay and chew my raw-hide, I think of you Jo-Jo, I look at my master, she is remembering you too.



Ruben moved to San Diego and enjoyed the good life. One afternoon when his master came home, Ruben was dead. He passed away in his sleep from a massive heart attack.

I remember you Ruben....

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