The Pack

When I arrived in Arkansas for our sales meeting, I called Pat, my wife. She wanted me to call when I arrived. She was concerned about the long drive and that I was alone. She told me that my girl dog, Natalie, was waiting for me by the door. Natalie would wait for me every night that I was gone. Pat told me that it would be past midnight before Natalie would come to bed.

So on this trip, I had Pat concerned about me and Natalie concerned about me. What was this common thread, if there was one?

With Pat, I have years of close attachments, experiences and a bond of that very human emotion called love.

Natalie, my very devoted dog, presented a problem. Any assumptions I made would receive no input from Natalie or verification by Natalie, the only one who would know.

So, I must use what I do know to make a leap, ( A Step?) toward this event.

Sex, food and status in the pack is a dogs hierarchy of well being, (Regards to Maslov). Dogs constantly know their status in the pack. In this case, Natalie knows that Niki, our male dog, is the lead dog. She would also know that my attention to her, defined by my position, gives her a certain status in our family pack.

Now then, if I departed and never came back, Natalie would have to reorganize her life as to food provider and attention giver. Her life (Status) would suffer a major unknown change. She waits for my return, to reestablish the status quo and she is happy in that role.

As for me, I have no idea.

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