A View of Ruby Ridge

Through a Coke Bottle

One fine day, two business men were setting in Dennys talking over the days events. Coffee was consumed in great gulps as pressing events were discussed and plans made, as in the course of business.

Over in the corner a very young lad was crying and demanding attention from parents that were immune to these outbursts. One of the men said, "Give that kid a bottle, that will silence him." Within ear shot of this statement sat 2 Agents from Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, also discussing the days events. The word silence was noted with great alarm when associated with bottle.

When the business men left Dennys, a note was made of their license number by ATF and quickly called in for the name of the vehicle owner and address.

Not only could the agents charge off the time at Dennys to investigative work, but there might be a fire arms violation here. Silencers are prohibited by Federal Law.

After testing, it was determined that a plastic coke bottle placed over the muzzle of a gun will muffle the sound when fired.

The next week an official ATF informant paid a visit to the business man at his home. The informant rang the door bell and asked if he could buy a silencer from him. The business man said, "Hell no, I don't know what you are talking about." The informant said, "You know, a silencer from a plastic coke bottle."

When the door slammed in his face, the informant left to report to his supervisor. The informant was getting paid in tax money by the hour. He reported to his supervisor that he had seen coke bottles through the open door and knew that he could wear the man down into selling him a coke bottle silencer.

After two years (ATF informants get paid by the hour) of having ATF informants appear at all hours of the day and night trying to purchase a coke bottle silencer the man finally reached the end of his patience.

One Sunday morning, the man grabbed an empty coke bottle and threw it at the informant with the admonition, "Take this and stick it up your ass."

The informant knew he had struck real pay dirt. He had a coke bottle silencer. His supervisor was elated, all these long hours of surveillance with phone taps and observation had paid off. It was obvious this was a Major Arms Supplier as empty coke bottles were seen on the premises. A warrant was issued for the man.

In Washington, the Attorney General was elated. Maybe a Major Arms Bust of this magnitude would get all the assault rifles off the street and Willie elected again, "Proceed".

By this time, Washington realized this was TOO BIG for ATF, the FBI was called in. This was a job for Hostage Rescue. The best snipers in the world; they can pop a quarter at 300 yards.

Late one afternoon the business man's son, a young lad of fifteen years, about 80 pounds, was playing with his dog in the yard. The dogs ears perked up and he ran for this man that jumped out from behind a tree in their yard. As the dog approached, a well placed 9 mm. bullet took the top off of the dogs head. The boy seeing what happened, turned to run to his dad standing in the door way, with the coke bottle still in his hand. Another shot and as the 9 mm. slug passed through the boy's back, it nearly took off his arm. He slumped down in death, reaching for the door of his home and safety, eyes set in death, they seem to focus to that far off place we all must view.

The man raced to his son's side as another shot rang out, making a small blue fringed hole in the mans shoulder, but passing on through. The mans wife standing in the door holding a baby took a 308 cal. bullet and died there.

The operation was a great success. All the plastic coke bottles were placed in a great pile as the press fawned and fawned and fawned. In "The buck stops here place"

Washington, the Attorney General was elated, another major arms supplier has been taken off the street, "We must do something to stop the flow of Assault Weapons in this country and re-elect Willie."

As 400 law enforcement agents departed the empty house, it was obvious this was just a drill, a practice run. There is this religious group in Waco, actually they are different. ATF informants have already been sent.


Now for some facts:

Here is the Wall Street Journal analysis of Ruby Ridge:

Click here: Ruby Ridge

Another Government Atrocity:
Note: At this time Richard Jewell was probably unaware that his life would be the center of another purge by our government. Search Richard Jewell on Google.


Another government atrocity is the Donald Scott case October 1992. Search Donald Scott on Google.


Another government atrocity is the Bob Hoover vendetta by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Several employees of the FAA, according to reports, were out to get Bob Hoover. Reference search on Google, Clint Boehler, James Kelln and Glen J. Nelson. The only employee to take the witness stand in support of Hoover was Norb Nester - Nester has been fired by the FAA.


Another government atrocity is U.S. District Court Judge Kathleen Cardone in El Paso, Texas, sentenced Jose Alonso Compean to 12 years in prison and Ignacio Ramos to 11 years and one day. Law enforcement officers doing their jobs. Search names on Google.


It never seems to end – Search Google for Senator Ted Stevens.
Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska – Born November 18, 1923 Died August 8, 2010.
Stevens was hounded from the Senate by Gross Prosecutorial Misconduct by the United States Justice Department.
His indictment and conviction was thrown out by the presiding Federal Judge.


Throw that guitar in jail.
Gibson musical instrument manufacturing company was raided by government wood inspections. During Obama’s term federal agents swooped down and seized some Gibson wood.
Gibson was making donations to Republicans. Their competitor Martin was making donations to Democrats. Google the Gibson Raid for a complete record.


2012 – Case Against Hutaree Milita Thrown Out: U.S. District Judge Victoria Roberts said the members’ expressed hatred of law enforcement didn’t amount to a conspiracy to rebel against the government. The FBI had secretly planted an informant and an FBI agent inside the Hutaree militia starting in 2008 to collect hours of anti-government audio and video that became the cornerstone of the case. Google this for a complete record.

Oklahoma City
Timothy McVeigh stated his motive:
"What the U.S. government did at Waco and Ruby Ridge was dirty," he says.
 "And I gave dirty back to them at Oklahoma City."
In TV news coverage, McVeigh can be seen at the Ruby Ridge and Waco attack.
Just for the history books, I have no opinion on this, but I understand it.

2014 Search Google for “Bundy Standoff” another armed conflict between the government and U.S. Citizens.
Investigators determined that state troopers were justified in shooting Robert “LevoyFinicum three times in the back.
The FBI shot two times that missed Finicum.



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