Walking one day in a grave yard, I called forth a ghost from its slumber. I said to it, "What is it you do?" The ghost replied, "I am dead, the business of being dead is a full time job."

I sat down under a tree, to reflect on this field of death, with its lust for everlasting life. I could picture in my minds eye the never ending struggle of man and the finality of the grave.

This vast graveyard is a meeting place for all of us. As a deep sadness came over me, I heard a voice from the heavens say, "Leave my creation alone. Let mankind do what it does best."


I raise my glass, a toast to you,
The human race so fine,
With faults and hoary calluses,
of love and thoughts divine.
Drink up, my lads, and smile for me,
Good gals and all my friends,
This party we have started,
It seems will never end.

Let's live today, and damn the rest,
We'll do this thing with zest,
We are waiting here till doomsday,
Then - we will do - what we do best.


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