The Wal-Mart Birds


Today, I went to Wal-Mart and watched

the Wal-Mart Birds in the parking lot.


They are black, but not crows. Probably

grackles. I hardly know what a grackle is.

Google the wonder dog knows.


The birds are there day and night. I think some

of them recognize me as they greet meet

me there every time.


They walk most of the time, hop some and fly

little. I wonder if people bring bits of food.

Perhaps some fast food is discarded.

They appear sad, none are fat. Sad and

fat people walk by. No one sees the

Wal-mart birds.


The grass grows, but not at Wal-mart.
Wal-mart is like asphalt, it covers the
earth and seeps money from all but the
Wal-mart birds. They are looking for a
hand-out; I want a bargain.
The sun never sets at our Wal-mart.
They sold 27 lap-tops last Saturday.
One wonders where all this stuff goes.
The Wal-mart birds watch it stuffed into
cars, vans and trucks.
Little old ladies totter to and fro - the
Wal-mart birds watch and wait for the
next crumb to fall.
Fly away little bird - is there a better place
to pan-handle than Wal-mart?


I suppose when there is nothing to do today,

I will go watch the Wal-Mart birds.


By Lanty Wylie

Copyright 2009 - 2012