What a difference the San Diego weather makes when you first arrive from Texas. My wife, Pat and I were ready for a long overdue visit with my daughter and her husband Jim in the beautiful weather state.

We loaded up and went to the Hamburger Factory for a good feed, then back for a relaxing evening.

I settled in on the couch, drink in hand, enjoying the conversation and scratching dog’s ears. There were 4 to choose from. Each one would appear for a good ear scratching and drift on to other dog things that dogs do.

Jussie, a part golden retriever, came up to me and acted like she was in a high state of distress. She hassled and panted very forcefully. So much, in fact, I asked my daughter, Laurie, if she knew what was wrong with Jussie. By this time Jussie was in front of Laurie and acting very much in distress, with the loud breathing and tongue hanging out.

We, each in turn, looked her over very carefully and could not see anything wrong. By this time my drink was fading badly and I went to mix up another.

When I walked back into the room, I knew Jussie’s problem. It was as if the knowledge hit me between the eyes.

Jussie was laying where I had been setting. I asked Laurie, where did Jussie usually sleep. She told me, where you were setting.

This old yellow dog was curled up exactly where I had been setting, sound asleep. She had tried to tell everyone that I was setting in her place. She finally was able to communicate that to me.

I went and sat beside her, scratched those old ears and thought of dogs and things.

Jussie passed peacefully from this life at the ripe old age of 18 years.


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