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         The sex offender is one of society’s most constant problems. In addition, it is the most difficult to understand. Unfortunately, we attempt to analyze the crime with our normal conception of sex. We forget that the offence was committed by an abnormal person influenced by many strange and complex motivations and, therefore, our analysis of the crime and the criminal must be guided by the principles of abnormal sexology.


         Abnormal sex offenses are not always recognized. the accepted elements of normal sex may not even be remotely present. The basic ingredients may be fire, hanging, slashing, beating, stabbing, all of which are listed as other police offenses.

         The basic facts for understanding abnormal sexology are placed under the divisions which follow.


                 I. Basic Sex Divisions of Humanity


All humanity is divided into three basic sexual divisions.


         They are defined as the following:


1. Heterosexual – one who will have sex only with a member of the opposite sex (man with woman).


2. Bisexual – one who has the ability and inclinations to have sex with a member of either sex:

         a. man with woman – man

         b. Woman with man – woman

3. Homosexual – one who desires sex with a member of the same sex and who more often than not lacks the ability to have sex with a member of the opposite sex (man with man – woman with woman).


II. Motivating Elements


         Sadism and masochism are motivating elements which are always found either separately or combined in abnormal sex activity. They may also influence drives other than the sex drive. They are defined:


         1. Sadism

         This element is readily recognized by police because of its aggressive action directed in most instances against an individual. A sadist can only secure ultimate sex satisfaction through cruelty, torture, and the suffering of others. He is an emotionally and mentally sick individual who is always dangerous, and society must be constantly protected against him. He is not cruel merely for the sake of cruelty but indulges in these activities in order to arouse and satisfy his sexual feelings.

         Remember that the sadist needs only to kill or torture in order to secure satisfaction. There need not be even remote sex relations such as the normal person understands them. He can never obtain complete gratification by normal means and is thus forced to inflict pain on his partner. Sadists are of both sexes with the woman just as perverse and dangerous as the man.


         2. Masochism

         Masochism is characterized by being associated with the person’s negative attitudes toward sex; it is, moreover, a condition wherein sex satisfaction is derived through being tortured, humiliated, and through experiencing pain and suffering. A person addicted to this practice is known as a masochist and is one of the greatest mysteries of the abnormal sex world. His condition is associated with other psychopathology characteristics, such as schizophrenia and the lowering of inner control.

         Masochism is as prevalent a condition as sadism but is much more difficult to recognize. The reason is that the masochist is nonagressive in his activities and places his love partner in the role of the aggressor.

         The masochist delights in being whipped, tortured, humiliated and being made subject to the will of a person of the opposite sex or, if a homosexual, the same sex. It is known as the “King-Slave Complex.”

         The masochist lives in a complete world of fantasy constantly imaging that the object of his affection is forcing him to submit to various unusual tortures. On many occasions the masochist persuades someone to perform these acts which often results in death or injury.

         There are three particular masochistic practices which should be brought to police attention.

         The first of these is a condition known as bondage. Although it has been in existence since the beginning of mankind, in recent years it has reached an all-time high in erotic pornography. Bondage caters to every possible fetish, sadistic and masochistic inclination. Numerous posed pictures are available in every position using any material and showing any desired action. Books dealing with bondage flood the news stands, and the photographs are drawn or else posed by live models. The victims are placed in all conceivable positions with a view in mind of appealing to both the sadist and the masochist. Efforts by postal authorities to keep this material from the news stands has been unsuccessful inasmuch as they are not obscene according to the general definition of obscenity.

         A second condition, which is a most difficult one to understand and explain, is infibulations. It literally comes down to self-torture of the privates. Cases of it have been found with surprising regularity by the police.

         In early times it was conceived as a sort of chastity belt in order to prevent intercourse. Masochists, however, have seized upon this device to secure sex gratification through self cruelty.

         A third method of securing masochistic sex satisfaction, which is one of the favorite methods of the masochist, is that of hanging. The pervert tries this in numerous ways using a great deal of symbolism, fetishism and fantasy. The main element is that they must feel others are doing it to them, but at the same time they imagine they are someone they are not.

         There is a long history of young male adults found hanging under these unusual circumstances. Frequently pornographic literature or photographs are in the vicinity of the body. The sex sensation in the hanging is created by the shutting off of blood to the head. On many occasions they get so stimulated that they are unable to save themselves and are found dead and listed as suicides. In an attempt to help this type of sexual deviate, the masochist must be treated with behavior therapy.


3. Sado-Masochism

Sado-Masochism is a dual deviation in which the individual can secure sexual satisfaction from either aggressive (sadistic) or submissive (masochistic) acts. The most publicized sex offenders have been found to possess these tendencies. In the sado-masochist the aggressive feelings are predominant. He has a high sex drive and continually prowls the streets, alleys, and highways like an animal trying to find a victim. After the rape, the murder, or the assault he is 1ike an animal that has eaten a full meal and then begins to feel sorry for what he has done.


Many times he will go to the police and confess to sex crimes which he did not commit in an effort to humiliate and torture himself. This masochistic tendency only lasts until the deviate is ready to engage in additional sadistic practices.


There are hundreds of sex perversions which in one form or the other constitute crimes investigated by police. One of the first steps to take in making a study of sex offenses is to find out what they are. Those offenses most commonly encountered by the police are set forth.


Exhibitionism, or indecent exposure, is an offense which constitutes one of the largest group of sex offenders, being the offense most commonly encountered by police, and it involves individuals who publicly exhibit either the private parts of their bodies or else the entire nude body.


Nearly all such offenses are committed by men who exhibit their genital organs to women, girls, or young children of both sexes. This individual is compelled by inner tensions to expose himself. It may involve an interpersonal stress and acting out of a conflict in his image, or be the result of a problem with authority figures. Usually he has no desire for any further sex play. He has been satisfied by the exposure.


The individual may, however, feel no compulsion to exhibit himself, but he has found this to be a means of proceeding to more aggressive and involved sex play. He uses exposure as a sex aid in his activities.


Further, an individual who exposes himself may do so because of a defective mentality, and may be associated with other psychopathology or mental retardation. Conditions such as certain weather conditions, certain periods of the month, or the influence of alcohol, sorrow, etc., may prompt the individual to exposure.


There are even individuals who are respected in society who had no idea they would ever become involved, but due to unexpected opportunity, association with a sex symbol, or sudden inclination find themselves in what is to them a terrible situation. Individuals who suffer from sociopathic personality disorders may also be part of the makeup of the group of exhibitionists.


Another group of individuals who engage in sex perversions are those who practice voyeurism, or what is better known as "peeping toms" or prowlers. The word voyeur comes from a French word meaning "one who sees."


Psychiatrists feel there are elements of voyeurism in most men, which accounts for the popularity of "girly-girly" shows, burlesque, and night club acts which stress nudity. Basically, there is nothing wrong in looking, but it becomes a police offense when the person being observed does not want to be observed.


Unfortunately, police often feel the "peeping tom" is harmless, a nuisance, and will only look; however, further analysis of the situation will clearly show the dangerous potential.


Voyeurism is the securing of sex pleasure by the eye and does not confine itself to looking at women either in picture or in the flesh, but can be brought about by the individual looking at anything which has been created or made and which means something to his own twisted mind.


Voyeurism is not restricted to males, as older women are often involved in peeping, and it has also been found that those "peepers" who are married are generally unhappy. This perversion does not usually have any serious criminal or untreatable anti-social aspects.


Fottage is a practice which comes from a French word meaning dry rub and aptly describes the activities of these perverts known as frotteurs, "huggers" or "feelers."

They secure sexual satisfaction by rubbing against the clothed buttocks, breasts, or legs of a woman or, sometimes, a man. They frequent crowded places such as subways, motion picture houses, fairs, sporting events, trolley cars, zoos, and even churches. Some of these perverts can become sexually interested only when a person is wearing a certain type of material such as corduroy, silk, satin, velvet, rubber, or leather.


Kleptomania is a condition which is usually identified with the uncontrollable desire to steal, but it may also be a form of sexual gratification. A kleptomaniac should not be confused with a thief or shoplifter who steals articles of value. The theft is always accompanied by a number of emotional anticipation, fear and, finally, satisfaction. These emotions can bring about a particular masochistic sex thrill desires.


Triolism is a form of exhibitionism-voyeurism, wherein the deviate is to perform sexual acts with several partners or in the presence of others. On the voyeur's side of the Picture, he secures satisfaction from watching other people engage in various sex acts.


This desire is often satisfied by the deviate's seeing a degenerate "circus" or by his hiring several women in bawdy houses. There are numerous cases in which well-to-do men have become addicted to this perversion, and have set up houses or apartments to which young boys and girls have been invited and paid to engage in indecent performances.


A common form of triolism, which often comes to the attention of the police, involves a man who insists that a stranger or friend have sexual relations with his wife in order that he may be sexually aroused.


Bestiality or zooerasty is commonly described as Sex relations between a human and an animal. This perversion has existed from time immemorial.

Ancient laws forbade such intercourse, and modern society has found it necessary not only to enforce the law, but also to change it to cover various situations.


Ancient Roman empresses, according to history, had intercourse with stallions and other animals. Modern "smokers" or "stag" parties sometimes feature prostitutes who have intercourse with dogs and other animals.


The condition involving unnatural fondness for certain types of animals and Sex satisfaction achieved by stroking, petting, fondling, or associating with the animal is known as Zoophilia. Odor contributes to the over-all enjoyment. 


         Cases of zoophilia often come to the attention of the police when an individual insists on keeping an unusual number of dogs, cats, parakeets, or other animals in the house, thus creating a nuisance and violating public health laws. Other cases may involve persons who insist on frequenting stables, zoos, and pet stores.


In the perversion of koprolagnia the subject secures sexual excitement by eating, smelling, throwing, or handling human excrement or other filth. This perversion is a sign of mental instability and persons addicted to it can logically be expected to commit more serious crimes. Those who have been associated with mental institutions are fully aware that attendants are constantly bothered by these practices on the part of certain inmates.


From biology you learn the bowel is connected with every form of excitement, such as fear, joy, anticipation, apprehension, and also sex satisfaction. The principal reason police must understand, these unpleasant situations is because they are indicative of a disturbed personality who may develop more dangerous practices. Police should realize the real import of such actions and not catalogue them as mischief or meanness.


Urolagnia is a perversion similar to koprolagnia except, in this deviation, the person is sexually aroused by the sight, odor, or contact of urine.


Transvestism or transvestitism involves a persistent compulsion to dress in the clothing of the opposite sex, and the obtaining of sex satisfaction through doing so. As this desire deepens, it causes frustration, tension, and unhappiness in the person because of the strong wish to be something they cannot.

Many times the transvestite demands surgery in the hope of reaching his ultimate goal.


Fallacy in police thinking is to assume a man found in women's clothes is a homosexual; this is incorrect. A person is not a homsexual until he engages in relations with one of the same sex.


Transvestites are roughly divided into four classes, the first being the homosexual, in which the transvestite wears lipstick, rouge, and dresses in feminine clothing in order to make himself more attractive as the "wife" in the typical homosexual liaison.


The second class is known as the impersonator. There are men and women who make their living on the stage in night clubs and in motion pictures as male or female impersonators. Many are not sexually deviated and they cannot be considered as true transvestites. There are, however, numerous perverts involved in the field of impersonation.


The third class of transvestites are those individuals who normally contain themselves within the boundaries of their own sex but, at various stated periods of the month, corresponding to a woman's menstrual period, they have an overwhelming compulsion to dress and act as women without the involvement of sex. They may be influenced by various weather conditions.


The true transvestite makes up the fourth class. These indivividua1s have a sincere, strong desire to be what they are not.

If men, they wish to be women, and to wear beautiful clothing enjoyed by that sex. They want to wear silks, satins, velvets, high-heeled shoes, perfume, lipstick and rouge. They want to grow long hair and engage in feminine occupations.

They want to live as women without sexual intercourse with either men or women. Nothing masculine is attractive to them.


If women, they wish to wear rough clothing and engage in masculine occupations. Nothing feminine is attractive to them and they also want to live as men without sexual intercourse with either men or women.


The sexual perversion of pygmalionism involves the sexual desire for a statue or articles, and consists of a variety of situations involving symbolism and fetishism (some particular article of clothing, part of a body, or an object which has the ability to stimulate and arouse the sex desire of an individual.)


Gerontophilia is a condition where older persons of the opposite sex are chosen as sexual objects of partners. This perversion has become quite frequent, and is now being called to the attention of the police. These offenses which have been discussed are considered to be relatively harmless, but that does not exclude the offender from being potentially dangerous. We now refer to more dangerous types because each of them from their very nature carries a constant threat of injury, suffering, and possibly death.


The first of these potentially dangerous perversions is referred to as Pyromania, or the Fire-Water Complex. Individuals addicted to it are known as "firebugs," and are associated with arson and the malicious setting of fires. Sex pyromaniacs are individuals who secure spirtua1 satisfaction through some connection with fire. Gratification may come from a feeling of tension, danger, and excitement, or, it may occur from the smell or sight of smoke, the dancing of the flames, or the sound of fire engines. These situations will arouse sex desire which may be satisfied from mere association with sight and sound of fire, or they may serve as an expedient in connection with masturbation, intercourse, or sex perversities. The firebug shows an utter lack of concern for the consequences of his acts, and cares not whether there are animals or people in the burning homes or barns. Their only concern is the satisfaction of their sex need.


The perversion of flagellation is characterized by an intense passion to beat, whip, or club, or to be tortured in this manner. It is one of the oldest perversions, and is recorded almost from the beginning of time. Bawdy houses have always maintained straps, whips and switches for individuals who came to the houses for this particular purpose. There are cults, clubs, and groups throughout the country which constant1y practice this perversion.


Piquerism or lust mutilation is a most dangerous perversion as the individuals in this category secure sexual satisfaction through stabbing, piercing, or cutting. They are gratified by the shedding of blood, the tearing of flesh, and/or the pain and suffering of the victim. They delight in mutilating the body, cutting off portions and, in many instances, entire dismemberment.


The perversion of necrophilia involves an intense desire to have sexual intercourse with the dead. This is a repugnant activity according to all civilized standards, however, it is more prevalent than people realize and newspaper articles frequently include the statement: "Autopsy showed the attack took place after death."


There have been frequent cases known in which bawdy houses used coffins for these perverts and staged a death scene in order to satisfy their sexual desire to have intercourse with the dead or simulated dead.


The dangerous aspect occurs when a person addicted to this perversion does not have access to dead people as would medical students, morticians, or morgue attendants. This means the deviate, in order to satisfy his desire, must kill someone. There have been numerous instances where mortician's assistants, medical students, and others, particularly attendants in large city morgues, have been discovered engaging in this practice.


In other cases, graves have been desecrated, bodies dug up, and intercourse had by the deviate with the cadaver.


Pedophilia, or the child molester, is a particularly dangerous perversion as a child is the fixation for the sexual act. It involves the molestation of children in varying degrees, ranging from a pat on the head to murder and mutilation of the body.


The average child molester is usually around 40 years old and is often known to the child, being is a personally immature and is able to find confidence and be comfortable only with children, male or female as his partner.


There are two types of deviates in this case, the regressive offender and the aggressive offender.


The regressed offender's perversion is usually precipitated by a spouse’s unfaithfulness, or he may be inadequate in his activities. The aggressive offender, however, has as his primary aim aggression. His behavior is anti-social and is usually diagnosed as hostile, and an aggressive psychopath. His victims deal mainly with the male sex. This offender may have characteristics of other psychopathology, also, such as being sociopathic, mentally retarded, or a borderline schizophrenic.


Perhaps the best known sex offense and most publicized is that of rape. This is sexual intercourse with a woman against her will and despite her resistance. It is necessary that there be force, lack of consent, and penetration in order to establish the essential elements of this crime.


Rapists are roughly divided into three types.

The first of these, the true sex offender, is an individual who is a psychopath and who finds it impossible to control his sex desires. The sight of a woman whom he fancies stimulates desires that are impossible to suppress.


The sadistic rapist is an, individual who rapes because that is the way he likes to have sex. He wants force and cruelty. Unlike the first individual he has control, but rapes because it is more satisfying.


The third type is the aggressive criminal. This is a criminal who does not have rape as a motive, as a need, or a compulsion. He is an individual who will rape because of his aggressive personality if he comes across the opportunity in the commission of another crime such as burglary or robbery.


The perversion of anthropophagy places individuals in this category into two types, the first of these being the cannibal. This individual eats human flesh in order to achieve sexual satisfaction.


The second individual in this category is one who drinks human blood in order to secure sexual satisfaction, and is known as the vampire. Newspapers have, on numerous occasions, stated that "The victim was horribly mutilated." This is from the doings of this sexual deviate.


The perversion of incest involves sexual relations with a near relative, such as father with daughter, mother with son, sister with brother and it may also involve aunts, uncles, grandchildren, step-parents, daughter sons-in-law, etc.


Incest is associated with severe Psychopathology and can result from the lowering of inner controls. It may also be associated with pedophilia in cases in which the father has an intense craving for his children. at reasons for this perversion may relate to a faulty parental model or may be associated with family pathology in which there are disturbed marital relations. Such cases in the disturbed marital relations may be those in which morals are low, or the wife is frigid, both of these encourage incest.


A law against incest is necessary for the preservation of the present day family life. Physical and mental defects, if present in a family, could be accentuated through intermarriage.


Sex plays a very dominant part in family quarrels, disturbances, assaults, murders, etc., and consideration must always be given to this angle. .


The perversion of sodomy, in its original term, referred only to anal relations between males, as in the ancient city of Sodom. Today there are numerous state statutes that cover sodomy in a variety of ways.


Forty-nine states define these various ways as the following:


1. Bestiality -sexual relations with an animal or bird.

2. Necrophilia -sexual relations with the dead.

3. Buggery - anal intercourse with man or woman. It also is

     often referred to as bestiality.

4. Pederasty - anal intercourse with a boy or girl. A willing

    child is known as a passive pederast, and the adult in all

    cases is known as the active pederast.

5. Fellatio -use of the mouth on the privates of the male. A

     male addicted to this practice is known as a fellateur, and

    a woman as a fellatrice.

6. Cunnilingus -use of the mouth on the privates of a female.

7. Annllingus -use of the mouth on the rectum of a male or


8. Mutual Masturbation -one of the individuals is a juvenile.


The field of abnormal sexology is most complex. There are many theories advanced by medical authorities regarding the motivations behind the commission of sex crimes and the reason for the manner in which they are committed. It is not necessary that we know and understand all of these theories, but we should have a good sound fundamental knowledge of abnormal sex.


The sex crime is different from all others in that the offender is driven by a basic urge, strange inner compulsions and desperate need to satisfy strange desires. It is almost impossible for the sex pervert to control his passions once they have been aroused.

Gratification of the sex drive is often accomplished in strange and disguised ways. In reality this means "Sex is what makes you feel good." Contrary to a normal belief, sex is not a biological urge that can be satisfied through intercourse or sodomy. On the contrary sex behaviour and resultant satisfaction often assume strange and completely unrecognizable forms.


It is almost impossible even for trained psychiatrists to always determine the difference between symbolism and fetishism. Many authorities reject one and accept the other. Others lump them together and again there are those who try to establish a difference.


The fetishist will commit a burglary and assault and theft to obtain the required object. This state of fetishism appears to be conditioned and is found to be treatable in group therapy and behavior therapy, both of which are highly effective.

In analyzing the fetish it is found to be any nonsexual object that excites the sex feeling. They have been classified into four groups, as follows:


1.  The fetish is a part of the female body such as the eyes, the hands, the legs, the
 feet, the ankle, the knee, the hair, the breasts, the buttocks, or the teeth.


2. The fetish is an article of female attire such as shoes, gloves, lingerie, stockings,
 handkerchiefs, or girdles.


3. The fetish is some particular material such as leather, rubber, silk, satin,
 corduroy, and linen. Fur is a very definite fetish, some being attracted by the
    sight (like leopard and mink), others by the short hair furs (seal and beaver),
    other to long hair furs (like monkey and fox.) Leather and rubber hold a very
    fascination and are used to a great degree in your bondage principles. the
    hands, the legs,


4. Acts and attitudes. The fetish is an act committed by either the partner involved
    or must be seen while engaged in sex. It may be the way in which the girl gets
    undressed or fixes her hair or the sight of others dancing on television.

    In symbolism, which is closely related to fetishism, the symbol is something that
    stands for or represents a certain thing. Our whole life is one of symbols. We
    have symbols for good luck, bad luck, status, peace, religion and sex.


Everyone has a sex symbol. Many of them are general, the most common being high heels, black lingerie, long hair, plunging necklines, tight skirts, red dresses, red shoes.


         Symbolism plays a very important part in sex, particularly where abnormal perversions are involved. They are harm1ess except when they become of major importance and cause deep conflicts in a person’s emotional structure. It is at this point that they become dangerous.


The ritual of the sex offender, better known to the police as modus operandi, is the manner in which the sex offense is committed and to which the deviate conforms as religiously as possible. Inasmuch as sex is a sensory operation the person involved will endeavor to commit the offense in the manner most pleasurable to him. It is also influenced by symbolism and fetishism.


The offender insists upon proceeding in a certain prescribed manner. For instance, he will only enter through a certain door or window. He will pick a particular time of day. He will insist upon the wearing of certain clothing, and his approach will be made in a detailed manner with either a willing or unwilling partner.


One of the most important aspects of the sex crime and the offender involves the fantasy or dream world. Everyone his sex fantasies in which they dream of the way they would like to make love or satisfy their sex desires with certain people. A normal person builds his fantasies around accepted methods but the pervert or sex maniac will construct his along perverted lines with overtones of sadism or masochism. Ropes, shackles, knives, clubs, whips and other instruments of confinement or torture are usually involved.


A sadist will dream in his fantasy of abducting a young blonde woman, taking her to his room, tearing her clothes from her and performing all sorts of sadistic outrages. He keeps dreaming until his emotions so overpower him that he must put it into reality in order to determine if he feels as satisfied as he dreams he will. This is the only way in which he can secure relief from his built-up emotions.

 Psychiatrists say that if they could determine when the pervert was about to leave the world of fantasy and go into the world of reality, it would be an easy matter to prevent many sex crimes.


While the fantasy is many times just as its name implies, imaginary, unreal and out of this world, you can rest assured that "the plan" which is often formulated by the offender to accomplish his desires, is most methodical and cold-blooded.


They will sit for hours and carefully plan how they can decoy the victim to a certain place and what they will do to them from that moment on. They receive an intense sex pleasure out of this anticipation and arrangement and then revert into fantasy in enjoyment of what will occur. Many times they write the plan out and continually revise and change it until they feel they have a foolproof scheme.


On many occasions, particularly in the case of persons who are above average in refinement and intelligence, who occupy important positions or are deeply religious, there is created a situation know as the "double identity" or depersonalization.


In this situation the offender has a mental block created by his religion, principles, or way of life. This block makes it impossible for him to admit or realize that he has committed a sex offense which is at variance with his normal way of life. Therefore, he invents a fictitious individual, a kind of Jekyll and Hyde, and places the blame for the offense upon this imaginary person.


Normal man is expected to love his partner with all five senses: sight, touch, sound, taste (kiss) and smell. She should be pleasing to him in all these respects and it is a well established fact that the senses are the piano board of love.

In sex abnormality, the deviate secures a great pleasure out of one, many times to the exclusion of all others. This abnormal obsession of a particular sense warps his whole personality and incites him to the commission of crime in order to secure the necessary satisfaction.


Dealing with the sense of sight, anything that can be seen with the naked eye may be responsible for the emotional break. In the case of the "peeping tom" it is always sight that provides the main stimulus. It may be long blonde hair, a tight dress, a pair of red shoes, black silk stockings, high heels, a rubber raincoat, a leather jacket. Anyone of these can be the sex symbol that triggers a reaction. It is impossible for us to understand from what he sees. It is up to him to tell us through our skillful questioning.


The sense of smell, or odor, has always been a vital ingredient in sex. However, contrary to normal understanding, in abnormal sex, it is not always a pleasant odor. When we normally associate odor with sex, we think of perfume or the smell of a girl's hair, incense, etc. In sex perversions it could well be the most disagreeable odor possible with particular emphasis on waste, urine, etc. It may be a smell that is associated with a symbol or it may be a fetish such as the odor of grass, trees, toilets, zoos, sweat, decaying fruit. Psychiatrically, this condition is referred to as ozolagnia and refers to persons who are completely sexually gratified by odor.


Sex inclinations may be aroused by the touching of silk, velvet, tweed, corduroy, fur, hair, hot oatmeal, cold jello, or who knows what.


A very excellent case in point is the frotteur who secures his entire sex pleasure through touch. In the case of the fetishist, a very vital sex force is exerted by the feel of rubber or leather.


The music industry is well aware of the fact that the playing of certain types of music can induce a variety of moods in a person, patriotism, love, sorrow, regret and mellowness. We are also aware that the fire alarm will bring a reaction of fear, the siren, one of excitement, the fog-horn, a feeling of melancholy, the church chimes, religion, the chirping of a bird, the feeling of tenderness; all of these are symbolic of certain feelings.


In the case of the abnormal these same sounds can become sex symbols which alert his mind to the commission of the offense.


From the very beginning of time people have attributed magical sex qualities to various foods and drinks. They are referred to as aphrodisiacs.

They are credited with the increase of sex powers and the ability to excite desire. Emperors and kings hired chemists and magicians in order to make magic formulas. Ponce Deleon, the Spanish explorer, achieved enduring fame by his quest for the "Fountain of Youth."


These hopes still persist today and many individuals' feel that certain foods and drinks have the power to arouse the emotions and maintain their stamina. These "magic potions" include a wide range of alcoholic beverages, exotic and highly spiced foods, oysters, clam chowder, liver, carrots, olives and anything else in which the consumer has faith.


Many herbs, spices and medical powders have been credited with this potency; the most famous being "Spanish Fly," which, however, is quite dangerous and can result in death if administered in large doses.


Even as the mind twists abnormally to commit the act so do the excuses offered by the offender in an effort to justify what he has done. Possibly in his own mind he believes what he said, but the excuses offered are many times even ridiculous.


In normal sex the ejaculation is the climax or purpose of love-making. It is necessary for fulfillment; in abnormal sex, however, it plays a relatively unimportant part. The fact that a sadist can beat, slash, hang, or torture an individual gives him a feeling of psychic sex satisfaction which is similar to the normal climax. A masochist can satisfy his desire by being beat, bound, or tortured.


Another deviate will be content with the presence of his sex symbol or the association with his fetish. Police constantly make erroneous statements to the effect that a crime was not a sex offense because of the absence of sex evidence as they know it.


An excellent example is the case of the male homosexual who will pick up twenty or thirty men a night and at no time is it necessary for him to achieve a normal sex climax. In many other instances, the use of the fantasy is sufficient to bring psychic satisfaction without actual physical ejaculation.


         In abnormal sex it is not necessary in many perversions to have a love partner. This is particularly true in the case of the masochist who devises strange tortures to which he subjects himself and obtains full gratification without the presence or assistance of anyone else.


In other cases, the abnormal sex offender has developed such attachment and love for a fetish or symbol that it is sufficient for him or her to possess the object and use it in whatever manner they feel is necessary to bring the desired satisfaction.


In other situations the love partner is necessary only because of their part in the ritual. The main gratification is through the presence of the symbol and the use of the fetish and the human being is tolerated only because he or she forms a link in the ceremony.


The abnormal sex offender is always dangerous inasmuch as the majority progress in sex degeneracy. Such as the man who first engages in relatively harmless indecent exposure, but moves on to peeping tomism, the setting of fires, the molestation of children.


An abnormal sex appetite is hard to satisfy. The deviate demands intense physical activity in this phase of his life and it is surprising how insatiable and persistent they are in their efforts to satisfy their needs. There are those who are satisfied with one certain perversion and there are others who try to accumulate as many as they can. They are always alert for new and novel methods and in stronger doses.


We must be alert to the fact that any person emotionally, sexually, unsound may suddenly go berserk when exhilarated by the sex activity or the fact that he has someone in his power. He may then commit many atrocities which do not fit into his previous pattern and which he, himself, did not intend to do.


One of the most consistent excuses offered by sex offenders for the commission of their crime is the urge. They will try to excuse even the most terrible mutilation by blaming it upon the mysterious urge" which suddenly came over them and influenced them to commit the crime


There should be no mystery to this urge and we should be able to understand it well. They did it because it made them feel good and they were satisfying a need for gratification. Sometime, somewhere in every person's life there comes sex temptation or impulses and in that particular moment the many currents which could cause the offense may have flowed together. These currents are the urge, which is an ever present element, since it was born with us, the person, that particular person you come face to face with who definitely arouses your desires, the response, which, when "there, is-no response, will destroy the urge, however, when the response is given another current has joined the stream. Further, there may be the factors of the urge, person and response, but no time, or the possibility of having the urge, person, response and time, but no place available. The life-saving factor in this current may be good judgment.


Although everything else is favorable you possess good judgment or have a conscience and that tells you that you cannot proceed without getting caught. It is against your standards or incompatible with your character and ethics.


There may occur a time when all factors are present, and even good judgment is lacking, and the role of the sex offender is assumed. There have been cases in which well-known married men or women in prominent positions and of good reputation have thrown everything away, ambition, future, family and love for a mistress, a prostitute, one not within their station of life, a teenage girl or even homosexually, a boy.


There is no simple solution to this problem. We can hope to only better understand the many and varied factors which contribute to the behavior of the sex deviate, and possibly, to some degree, help this person, while protecting ourselves and our community.


Researched and written by:


Joe Cerrato. East Texas Police Academy